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Provider Letter ASD-DDS Consolidation

Developmental Disabilities Services Division
Sequoyah Building, 2nd Floor
P.O. Box 25352
Oklahoma City, OK  73125-0352
(405) 521-3571
May 18, 2016


Dear Partner:

DHS Director Ed Lake recently asked Aging Services (AS) and Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) to explore the possible consolidation of the two programs.  A feasibility study was conducted last week with leadership and staff from both programs.

The group discussed concerns about consolidation, opportunities for improvements, and challenges before engaging in a detailed evaluation of common functions.  The focal point of all conversations were the clients being served and how any potential change should help DHS provide better services and allow us to take advantage of shared strengths.  The group saw no negative outcomes to client services and identified some positive results and savings that consolidation of the two programs could produce. 

Based on these early determinations, Director Lake has given the approval to proceed with consolidation plans.  Please be assured this is an evolving plan.  If we believe at any point in this process there will be serious negative consequences for our clients or our ability to effectively carry out the programs, we will stop and reconsider—as we would do with any of the reduction ideas for which we now need to design a successful implementation plan.

The consolidation effort will now shift to the work of more than a dozen AS/DDS workgroups being assigned to evaluate specific common functions.  Current challenges with respect to the DHS budget for SFY'17 and beyond, the possible change to managed care, and the modernization of existing program structures will be thoroughly evaluated as part of this comprehensive approach to consolidation.   We are also meeting with groups of providers in AS and DDS to examine ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs while maintaining the quality of services. 

Aging and Developmental Disabilities Services have much in common and we will explore structural changes that emphasize those similarities both with regard to processes and procedures and how we can meet the needs of service recipients.

These workgroups will conclude their evaluative work by May 27th and we will provide you with more updates along the way. 

Thank you in advance for your patience, resiliency and commitment to the people you serve,

Marie Moore, Interim Division Director, Developmental Disabilities Services     

Lance Robertson, Division Director, Aging Services and

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