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Administrative Letter 22-08

January 31st, 2022                                                                              Administrative Letter 22-08


Hello DDS Partners,

As we launch our statewide data management system with Therap, Developmental Disabilities Services is offering one-time technology grants to reimburse providers up to $500 per house or administrative location for the cost of devices to access the Therap application through the internet. Each house is eligible to be reimbursed up to $500 with a total per agency not to exceed $25,000. You may purchase as multiple devices, however the total reimbursement per house is limited to $500. 

In addition, DDS is offering to pay for one year of internet service at $75 per month, paid in advance. Devices are also available for provider business locations, again one device per location. Vocational sites and large agencies may be eligible for an additional $500 reimbursement based upon need. If you need additional devices in excess of $500 per location, submit a request to and include with the number of additional devices and justification for more than one device per location.

In order to apply for these opportunities, and more in the future, you must create a portal logon and password.  Click the link below to register your account and access the guide to walk you through the process:

The following is required when submitted a grant application:

  • A receipt for the laptop, tablet or desktop dated after July 1, 2021 indicating the date of purchase and a description of the device purchased meeting the technology specifications/requirements for Therap, as cited below
  • The physical address where the device and or internet will be located
  • The name of your internet provider
  • The type and number of persons served at each location Applications and accompanying documentation will be reviewed within 10 business days of receipt.

Upon application, an email will be sent acknowledging the application and an approval or denial will be emailed to you. You may check the status of your application at any time through the DDS Grants Portal.

Payment will be made within 45 days following receipt of a complete & accurate application and required documentation. If you have questions, please contact

Technology Specifications/Requirements for Therap:

Thank you for partnering with Developmental Disabilities Services to support the persons we jointly serve.

Thank you,

Beth Scrutchins, MSW
Director Developmental Disabilities Services

Last Modified on Mar 29, 2022
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