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Provider Letter - Administrative Letter 19-09


Developmental Disabilities Services Division

Sequoyah Memorial Office Building

PO Box 25352

Oklahoma City, OK 73125-9907

PH: (405) 521-3571  FX: (405) 522-3037

Administrative Letter 19-09

December 14, 2018 

Dear Provider, 

DDS continues to work with the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) to finalize plans for the Electronic Visit Verification System (EVV).  We know this process has been rather drawn out and we haven't been able to give very clear directions up to this point.  We understand it is frustrating.  However, we had a meeting this morning and want to share what we learned with you. We also identified some information we need from you. 

1) Providers can use First Data as their EVV system as well as for billing

2)  We reconfirmed with OHCA that providers have the option to use their own EVV compliant systems provided that system can interface with First Data.    If you choose to use your own EVV system, you will still be required to provide your information to First Data since that company will be the aggregator of the statewide data. 

If you choose to use your own system for EVV, your system must be evaluated and certified by the OHCA to ensure that it is EVV compliant.  Remember your system MUST obtain the following required EVV data (service type, client name, date of service, GPS location, staff name performing service, start time and end time). We must submit the names of any systems which may be used to the OHCA and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as soon as possible.  If you are not sure if you will or will not use your own system, but think you might, go ahead and send us that information.  You can decide not to, but this allows the OHCA to move forward to ensure your proposed system is EVV compliant.

3) Agencies may use First Data for EVV then use your own system for billing.

We also spoke directly with Grant from First Data.  He is sending us the format in which information would need to be submitted from your system to First Data.  As soon as we have that, we will share it with you.

Please respond by close of business Wednesday, December 19, 2018.

If you have questions please contact Laura Cope (405) 521-6255 or Sheila Bowen (405) 522-6888.

We anticipate beginning training sessions in the next 3-4 months and will keep you posted.   

Thank you for your continued patience as we work through the details of this process.


Beth Scrutchins

Developmental Disabilities Services

Division Director

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