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Provider Letter - 18-02 Site Visit Provider Letter


Developmental Disabilities Services Division

Sequoyah Building, 2nd Floor

P.O. Box 25352

Oklahoma City, OK  73125-9907

(405) 521-3571

January 8, 2018

Dear Provider,

DDS appreciates your efforts to overcome obstacles to quality service and we continue to review any processes or forms that can be simplified or eliminated.    

In an effort to streamline the use of the Site Visit Report form, DDS sent out surveys to DDS Providers and DDS Case Managers.  The original triplicate Site Visit Report form has reportedly been difficult to locate for some providers and is relatively expensive for DHS to produce.  Therefore, after careful analysis of feedback, DDS has decided to make two changes, which will simplify the use of the Site Visit Report form for providers, yet still allow it to be utilized as an integral part of the ongoing quality care provided.

First, DDS will remove the policy requirement in OAC 340:100-3-40. Community Records, that the Site Visit Report be completed by all program coordination staff.  Professional providers continue to be required by policy to complete the Site Visit Report form and assure it is routed per the instructions on the form.  In addition, the form will be changed from the current triplicate format (three pages, one original and two copies) to a duplicate format (two pages, one original and one copy). 

Currently, the original Site Visit Report form is routed to the Case Manager, a copy stays in the home record and the person completing the form takes a copy.  When the new duplicate forms are available, a copy is left in the home record and the person completing the form takes the original; the expectation is that a copy is provided to the Case Manager either by fax or email, which is a more efficient means of communication for providers.

When the Site Visit Report was first introduced, email and cell phone communication was not commonplace as it is now.  Our providers ensure any needs identified during site visits are communicated much more rapidly than the Site Visit Report form allows. Improvements which allow for the provision of electronic communication acknowledge the effective and expeditious means of collaboration between team members that is current practice.

We understand that provider staff uses the Site Visit Report form to document required home visits as well as tornado and fire drills.  DDS Quality Assurance will continue to review documentation of home visits and drills, therefore, providers will be responsible to develop a mechanism in which to complete and preserve the documentation of these items. 

Thank you for your assistance with this request and especially for everything that you do on behalf of the people we serve. 

Let me know if you have any questions.

Marie Moore, Interim Director

Developmental Disabilities Services

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