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How to Select A Provider

Before the Interview:

  • Request a list of providers from your case manager or intake worker.
  • Call and schedule an appointment with each provider of interest.
  • Make a list of interview questions, and identify critical or priority questions.
  • Invite a support person or note taker (recorder) to accompany you to the interview.

After the Interview:

  • Organize information following the interview and compare results.
  • Call DDSD State Quality Assurance for additional agency information.
  • Decide which provider will best meet your needs.
  • Call the case manager and let him/her know the service provider selected, and have him/her coordinate the pre-plan meeting with the agency.
  • Write a note to the programs that you didn't select and let them know why they lost your business.

Suggested Interview Questions:

  • What types of services does your agency offer?
  • What procedures do you follow regarding emergency situations? (health and safety) (Ask to see a copy of the written procedures)
  • How would you describe the role of the customer in supported employment?
  • How long should the customer anticipate waiting before getting a job? And what do they do until they get a job?
  • What is your program's position on career development?
  • What is your process for withdrawing vocational services that are prescribed?
  • Have you excluded people with significant disabilities from your program? If so why?
  • Describe how you present your program to a prospective employer?
  • May I see a copy of your marketing materials?
  • How many employment specialists does your agency employ?
  • What is your customer to staff ratio?
  • What is the average length of employment for your staff, ie, job coaches, floor staff, etc?
  • Do the majority of your customers have part- time or full- time employment?
  • What are the average weekly earnings of your customers? Does the program maximize the earnings?
  • What types of jobs have you assisted customer's in finding?
  • The jobs that you find, are they based on customer's choice?
  • How does your program assist customers with Social Security issues?
  • Do customers choose their employment specialists?
  • How do you assess customer satisfaction? Do you have any data?
  • How has your program performed on DDSD evaluations?
  • What kind of training does your employment staff have?
  • Will I have input into the vocational assessment and plan?
  • If needed, would you be willing to interview with us at our home?
  • What volunteer jobs do people with your agency presently have?
  • Do you provide training for employers, employees or family members?
  • When you are doing job development will you provide transportation for the individual, if necessary?
  • Describe some of the factors you consider when matching an employment site and the individual?
  • What kind of activities will you do with the individual to better acquaint yourself with them?
  • What will our communication look like?
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