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Service Information

Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) provides guardianship services to adults with Intellectual Disability (ID) who receive DDS services.  Not all people with ID require a guardian but those who do can benefit from the advocacy and decision making a guardian provides.  Guardians follow the orders of the court and receive support from DDS.  Guardians provide the opportunity for an individual with ID to live in the least restrictive life possible while insuring health and safety needs are met.  Guardians for adults build positive relationships, advocate, and make informed decisions.  Decisions made by guardians may be financial, medical, living arrangements, employment, and education.  A guardian only makes decisions to the extent their ward cannot make their own decisions.  The guardianship relationship is designed to fit each person's needs and still allow the person to make as many life decisions as possible

Guardian's Financial Obligations
A guardian is not required to support the ward financially or to contribute the guardian's own resources to the ward.

Guardian's Liability
A guardian who follows the orders of the court and acts in the best interest of their ward is not generally held liable for the actions of their ward.  More information regarding a guardian’s liability is provided at 30 O.S. § 4-901.

  • A guardian must:
    • Be at least 18 years of age;
    • Be a resident of Oklahoma for at least one year, except as provided in 30 O.S. § 4-104;
    • Not be under any financial obligation to the proposed ward; and
    • Disclose to the Personal Support Team and to the court any potential conflict of interest that may preclude acting in the best interest of the proposed ward.
  • An incapacitated or partially incapacitated person cannot be appointed guardian.
  • A convicted felon cannot be appointed guardian, except upon:
    • Further review by the court into the nature of the felony; and
    • Court approval

Contact Information

If you are interested in more information about becoming a volunteer guardian, send an email
or call Sean Ballard at 405-763-8513.

For other program information, contact Ray Hester at 405-802-9146

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