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Meeting Minutes

Advisory Committee on Services for People with Developmental Disabilities

September 13, 2016

CALL TO ORDER – Teri Egner, Chairperson

ROLL CALL – Wanda Felty, Secretary  

Present: Dyann Arnett, Robin Arter, Marcellius Bell, John Corpolongo, Rene' Daman, Angela Donley, Wanda Felty, Bryan Ferguson, Theresa Flannery, Ellyn Hefner, Sonya Hunter, Jennifer Jones, Terry Trego

*APPROVAL OF MINUTES – July 12, 2016


DDS UPDATE – Marie Moore, DDS interim director

From Ray Hester – Due to the budget deficit we began offering employee's voluntary buyouts back in February.  We have been focused on being lean and efficient.  We have taken efforts to minimize the effects on case management staff. We have reduced contracts to help reduce administrative costs.  The hiring freeze has been posted and the Reduction in Force has begun. We have partnered with Aging Services to offer that to people on the waitlist of the age of 65. So far, 6 of them have requested for information on the Advantage program and Aging Services has been given the contact information. As of now, there have been 20-30 people we have been unable to contact from the waitlist. Wanda would also like to make sure we are educating the people over 65 on the waitlist about State-Funded Services.

* APPROVAL OF RULES – Terry Trego, Policy Sub-Committee Chair

  • OAC 317:40-5-112. 
    • Is amended to remove treatment plan pre-approval requirements by the DDS area medical director or designee for members of the Homeward Bound Waiver exceeding $1,000.00.
      This position was eliminated in the VOBO
  • OAC 317:40-9-1.
    • Is amended to add Self-Directed Services to the community waiver for adults who reside in a family home.
      The Citizens Advisory Panel asked this committee to have it changed. Case managers would get the information after the policy is approved and the waiver is amended and pass along the information.
      Wanda would like the time limit of 8 hours under section two to be changed to 9 hours to match the HTS policy. This would not go into effect until fall of 2017.
  • Rule impact:
    • The classes of persons affected by the proposed rule changes are individuals who receive services from DDS, who bear no costs associated with the implementation of the rule.


a. Discussion of nomination of officers per Article V of the bylaws.

  • Chairperson: Terry Egner
  • Vice Chairperson: Wanda Felty
  • Secretary: Angela Donley

b. Approval of 2017 meeting dates:
January 12th or 19th

April 13th or 20th

July 13th or 20th

September 14th or 21st


Judy Goodwin is retiring effective October 31, 2016. Samantha Galloway will replace her.

* Possible Action Item

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