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Meeting Minutes


Advisory Committee on Services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

10 a.m. – via Zoom

Call to Order:

 Chairperson, Wanda Felty called the meeting to order.  Sonya Hunter, Secretary called the roll.           


The following Committee members was present: Dyann Arnett, Robin Arter, Tori Collier, John Corpolongo, Rene' Daman, Janie Fugit, Linda Sechrist, Rex Hennen, Jennifer Jones, Lorraine Sylvester, Terry Trego, Eddie Miller via telephone, and Lisa Turner.  

A quorum was met. 


The January, 28 2020 Committee minutes were approved. 

DDS UPDATE – Beth Scrutchins DDS director:

Millie Carpenter, DDS deputy director provided the DDS update.  DDS is reviewing programs and services to determine what efficiencies or savings can be realized.   We are evaluating contracts to make sure they are rightsized.  We are looking at public private partnerships to add value.  Our goal is to hold case management harmless.  We are being proactive as we have not been asked to make any percentage cuts at this time.  We continue to explore opportunities for waitlist management to better understand the needs of individuals waiting for services.  Our goal is to better understand their needs so we can refer them to helpful community resources. 

DDS has a robust COVID-19 reporting system.  DDS has had 149 individuals served by 31 providers impacted by COVID-19. Since reporting began, we've had 38 individuals tested with 40 tests administered. Of those we've had 29 negative, 1 presumptive negative, 9 confirmed positive and 1 which is pending results for COVID-19. Of the 9 individuals confirmed with COVID-19 we've had 7 hospitalizations and 1 death.  One person who receives daily living supports passed away due to COVID-19.  This person had a pre-existing health condition.  For more information about COVID 19 go to 

DDS is taking a phase in approach to COVID-19 recovery efforts for vocational and community activities.  Each person's re-entry will be a person-centered decision. These plans are very individualized.  Each city has developed its own guidelines, and those will be followed.  These decisions will factor in does they person have a pre-existing condition, do they have a guardian.  Each vocational provider will have a plan preapproved by DDS prior to the phase in. 

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

OHCA pushed back the EVV start date.  Providers can voluntarily participate in EVV until it is mandatory. 

We are working applications dated May 2007. 


The rules below were approved by the Committee. 

  • OAC 317:40-1-4  is created to: 

promote the independence of a member who receives DDS services.  Remote services are provided in the member's home, family home, or employment site to reduce or replace services necessary to ensure his or her health and safety. 

A committee member had general questions about Remote Supports (RS) services.  RS provides use more technology then just video monitoring.  One provider we spoke to has over 700 different products.  They have emergency buttons, two-way communication devices, and communication boxes in a central location, medication assist tools, and reminders.  Ohio has a demonstration on their website.  

  • OAC 340: 100-5-100 is amended to: 

to add the requirement that AT devices must be prescribed by a physician with a SoonerCare contract; clarify AT approval procedures by increasing the amount designated area resource development staff can approve or deny from $2,500 up to $5,000; increase the amount the State Office AT programs manager can approve from $2,500 to $5,000 or more; and updated terminology to current usage.    

  • OAC 317:40-5-104 is amended to:

to add the requirement that specialized medical supplies must be prescribed by a physician with a SoonerCare contract; remove respirator, decubitus care, ventilator care, and catheterization supplies as items that can be purchased; added a requirement that incontinence wipes cannot be authorized when they are not used in conjunction with incontinence briefs or underwear/pull-ons; added coverage limits for non-sterile gloves to 3,600 per plan year; disposable incontinence underwear/pull-ons or any combination to 150 per month, disposable liner/shield/guard/pad 150 per month; and updated terminology to current usage.    

A committee member had concerns about the specialized medical supplies text for items that cannot be purchased (b) (6) (F) incontinence wipes not used in conjunction with incontinence briefs or incontinence underwear/pull-ons.  They stated this might add confusion and make people think we will not authorize wipes on a plan of care for a individual if he or she does not also have briefs/pull-ons on the plan of care.  DDS does not authorize wipes for personal care use.  If a incontinent person needs wipes added to his or her plan of care we would not deny the wipes because brief/pull-ons are not requested at the same time.  We would ensure the wipes are not requested for personal use.  The languae in (b) (6) (F) mirrors OHCA language. 

  • OAC 340:100-5-22.5 is amended:

to update the room and board provider payment amount; create room and board instructions for staff that includes directions on how to calculate the room and board and transportation supplement.

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