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Meeting Minutes


Advisory Committee on Services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Thursday, January 12, 2017

10 a.m. – Room C-47 Sequoyah State Office Building

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

1.         CALL TO ORDER – Teri Egner, Chairperson

2.         ROLL CALL – Angela Donley, Secretary  

Present: LeKenya Antwine, Dyann Arnett, Marcellius Bell, Tori Collier, John Corpolongo, Greg Crawford, Rene' Daman, Angela Donley, Wanda Felty, Bryan Ferguson, Theresa Flannery, John Gajda, Ellyn Hefner, Sonya Hunter, Jennifer Jones, Consuela Logan, Eddie Miller, Nina Peschka, Terry Trego

3.         *APPROVAL OF MINUTES –September 13, 2016


4.         DDS UPDATE – Ray Hester

FSAP Update: There is still a waitlist with 158 pending applications from November 2016 to present. We are not adding new people to the program for any reason.

We have done all we can to reduce operating costs. Contracts have been reduced and eliminated. Staff has been greatly reduced thru VOBO's and RIF's. We have eliminated the two DDS conferences and travel costs. Thru these things, we have reduced the operating cost of DDS by $30 million but we are still operating over the current budget. The FMAP has not caught up to our current revenue failure so we are short $9.6 million from that. We have requested an additional $42.7 million to get us thru the fiscal year with $34 million of that dedicated to the waiver program. DDS and OCP are working together to improve awareness of the DDS needs and telling our story and needs to the legislature with an emphasis on what will happen to our service recipients if the supplemental request is not approved.

5.         * APPROVAL OF RULES – Terry Trego, Policy Sub-Committee Chair

        • OAC 317:40-1-3
          • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reviewed the current rule and determined it is silent concerning the right for an individual to have visitors of his or her choosing.  The proposed amendment affirms the right for an individual to have visitors of his or her choosing.  
    • AC 340:100-3-16
      • Is amended to match the insurance and indemnification amounts set forth in the provider's contract for services.  The amounts have not been increased from what the provider's contract for services sets forth. 
    • The new language was added to match what is written in the contracts to providers. Policy had not yet been revised to match the new guidelines.

  • OAC 340:100-6-41
    • CMS reviewed the current rule and determined it conflicts with the right of an individual to have visitors of his or her choosing at any time.  CMS has stated  a modification of an individual's right to visitors of his or her choosing is permitted only when the provider has complied with the requirements under 42 CFR 441.301 (c)(4)(vi)(F).  The proposed amendments ensures that the rule does not conflict with the right of an individual to have visitors of his or her choosing at any time unless the requirements of 42 CFR 441.301 (c)(4)(vi)(F) have been met.
  • Additional information from 317:40-1-3.

  • Rule impact:
  • The classes of persons affected by the proposed rule changes are individuals who receive services from DDS, who bear no costs associated with the implementation of the rule.

7.         PUBLIC COMMENT –

            * Possible Action Item

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