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Advisory Meeting Minutes

Advisory Committee on Services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Thursday, September 17, 2020
10 a.m. – via Zoom

Call to Order:

Chairperson, Wanda Felty called the meeting to order. Michelle Disario, called the roll.


The following Committee members was present: Robin Arter, Tori Collier, John Corpolongo, Michelle Disario, Wanda Felty, Janie Fugit, Jennifer Jones, Eddie Miller, Terry Trego, Lisa Turner, Rene' Daman, and Dyann Arnett
Entered after Roll Call:
Traylor Rains

A quorum was met.


The July 28, 2020 Committee minutes were approved.

DDS UPDATE – Beth Scrutchins DDS director:

Beth provided an update on Service First. County office in Enid is now closed and combined with Heath Department Office.

Beth updated the committee on the waiting list. 1.9 million dollars has been allocated for the waiting list. DDS has sent out letters to 270 individuals on the waiting list. The list is currently being worked from June 2007. Interviews with two families who have recently received services went well and they were excited to start receiving waivered services. Beth also discussed DSP week and informed the committee that DHS is recognizing DSP’s through the DHS social media channels.

Millie Carpenter DDS Deputy Director:

Millie provided an update on the RFP’s. DDS is offering solicitations for two different options. The first option is for the assessment and navigation for individuals on the waiting list. The next if for an IT platform to manage the waitlist data.

Beth Scrutchins DDS Director:
Beth provided the committee with the DDS Covid-19 tracking numbers from Tina Chance, RN.
It’s seems hard to believe, but we have been tracking the impact of COVID-19 for six months now. Here is a situation update:

  • 114 waiver recipients (66 males/48 females) have been confirmed positive for COVID-19.
  • The youngest individual confirmed positive was 15 and oldest 77, with a median age of 44.
  • 25% or 28 of the individuals confirmed to have COVID-19 have required hospitalization.
  • There have been two COVID-19 deaths and two probable COVID-19 deaths reported.
  • Tulsa, Garfield and Oklahoma have the largest number of confirmed waiver recipient cases. (see attached map)
  • 741 individuals and 86 providers have taken quarantine or isolation precautions since March 2020.
  • As of September 10, 2020 there were 44 individuals taking active quarantine precautions due to exposure and 20 individuals in isolation due to confirmed or suspected COVID-19, with 3 individuals hospitalized.

Considering the fact that over 72,284 individuals in Oklahoma have been confirmed positive, our 114 is a relatively small number. You’ve heard it before, but I’m going to say it again…keep washing those hands, physical distance when possible and wear a mask to keep yourselves and others protected.

Beth thanked DDS providers for their work to keep service recipients save during the pandemic.


The rules below were approved by the Committee.

317:40-5-3 is amended to (1) clarify that an agency companion household may not simultaneously serve more than three members through any combination of companion or respite services; (2) to clarity when any one member is served at the pervasive rate the household may not simultaneously serve more than two members through any combination of companion or respite services; (3) make clearer how the various levels of support is authorized by the Department (i.e. intermittent, close, enhanced, and pervasive) by clarifying this is a tiered approach so a member must meet the minimum level of assistance outlined in the lower level, except for the intermittent level, and the criteria outlined in the requested level; (4) the pervasive level of support is clarified to inform our partners that the professional level of support provide due to pervasive behavioral or emotional challenges is provided as part of the agency companion service, and is not billed as a separate service; (5) to clarify when a member transitions from a DDS placement funded by a per diem the incoming provider may request eight hours of HTS for the first day of service.

317:40-5-5 is amended to (1) clarify that no other adult or child is cared for in the home on a regular or part-time basis, including other Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) placements, family members, or friends without prior written authorization from the Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) area residential services programs manager or state office residential services programs supervisor; (2) clarify that the companion does not serve as representative payee for the member without a written exception from the DDS area residential services programs manager or state office residential services programs manager; and (3) correct an incorrect policy cite to OAC 340:100-5-33.

317:40-5-40 is amended to (1) modify form requirements set forth in this rule. DDS program staff have obtained agreements with Child Welfare Services staff to use CW forms for this program.

317:40-5-152 is amended to (1) update terminology; (2) remove the requirement that requests to receive community living home services are sent to the DDS Community Services Residential Unit; and (3) clarify the determination that alternative group home services is appropriate is made by the DDS director or designee.

OAC 317:40-7-7 is amended to: (1) promote small group placements up to three members in an integrated work site who are paid at or more than minimum wage; (2) create small groups between four to five members in an integrated work site, who may earn less than minimum wage; (3) create provisions to authorize remote supports for individual placements; and (4) clarify terminology used.

317:40-7-11 is amended to (1) update terminology; (2) clarify that Stabilization Services may be authorized through remote supports per a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant technology, when the Team has an approved remote supports risk assessment; and (3) inform our partners If the member needs job coach services after the expiration of Stabilization Services, Employment Training Specialist Services may be authorized for the hours necessary to provide direct support to the member or consultation to the employer as described in outcomes and methods in the Individual Plan.

317:40-7-15 is amended to (1) update terminology; (2) remove the specific limit that the cost of a member's employment services, excluding transportation and state-funded services per OAC 340:100-17-30, cannot exceed $27,000; (2) create OKDHS Appendix D-26, Developmental Disabilities Services Rates Schedule so this limit and other similar specific limits can be placed in this appendix in the future; and (3) clarify that Adult members receiving In-Home Supports Waiver (IHSW) services can access individual placement in job coaching, stabilization, and employment training specialist services not to exceed limits specified in OKDHS Appendix D-26 per POC year.

New Business:

A. Nomination of officers per Article V of the bylaws (officers are elected annually.)

Nominated and approved by committee to serve as officers for the next year:

(i) Wanda Felty, Chairperson
(ii) Robin Arter, vice chairperson
(iii) Sonya Hunter, Secretary

B. Committee approved the 2021 meeting dates:

January 21, 2021
April 15, 2021
July 15, 2021
September 16, 2021


Lisa Turner informed the committee that TARC changed names. TARC is now The Arc of Oklahoma.

Millie Carpenter announced that she is retiring from DHS.

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