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Advisory Committee Agenda

Advisory Committee on Services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Thursday, January 20, 2022

1.     CALL TO ORDER: Wanda Felty, Chairperson;

2.      ROLL CALL: Robin Arter, Vice-Chairperson;  

3.      *APPROVAL OF MINUTES: September 16, 2021;

4.      DDS UPDATE – Beth Scrutchins DDS director;

A.      Welcome and announcements;
B.      American Rescue Plan;
C.      Rate Study; and
D.     DDS waiting list update.


A. Confirm meeting dates for remainder of 2022 calendar year.
   April 21, 2022
   July 21, 2022
   September 15, 2022              

6.      *Policy Updates-See attached All Policy document for draft policies.

Substantive changes.

  • Combine with 317:30-5-516, 317:30-5-517, and 317:30-5-518
  • Remove language describing intermittent, close, and maximum levels of respite in SFC and other settings.

317:30-5-516, 317:30-5-517, and 317:30-5-518

  • Revoke and combine with 317:30-5-515


  • Combine with 317:3-5-536 and 317:3-5-537
  • Remove language indicating homemaker can be used as respite.

317:30-5-536 and 317:3-537

  • Revoke and combine with 317:30-5-535


  • Define the difference between daily and hourly respite.
  • Limit billing respite and HTS to one member at a time.
  • Remove intermittent level of support as the rate no longer exists
  • Update Close level of support to include individuals who may have otherwise qualified for intermittent level of support.
  • Update Pervasive rate to include provision for children in custody to access this rate.


  • Combined with 317:40-5-60
  • Define the difference between daily and hourly respite.
  • Define when HTS can be used in SFC.
  • Add Therapeutic Leave for SFC.


  • Revoke and combine with 317:40-5-50


  • Add eye glasses and vision exam as compensable waiver services
  • Identify "Devices" as "Enabling Technology"
  • Allow DDS PM/PS to provide recommendation for enabling technology devices
  • Correct formatting issues


* Possible Action Item

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Last Modified on Jan 18, 2022
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