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Meal Rate Assessment Notice

Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Commodity Distribution Unit

Sequoyah Memorial Office Building

PO Box 25352

Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0352

(405) 521-3581 Ÿ

Date: 7-17-2019

Subject:  Requisition for Assessment Fees

Our office is providing information to assist school districts with acquiring a requisition for annual assessment fees for the Commodity Distribution Program administered by DHS.

Annually, in March, our office publishes an invoice for assessment fees for the current school year on the Donated Food Distribution website.  All schools districts are required to pay the assessment fees as stated in the agreement between the school district and DHS.   This is an annual requirement. 

How to determine the estimate amount for assessment fees:

When determining the assessment fee, our office uses data sent to us from the Oklahoma Department of Education (ODOE).   This data is the total lunch meal counts for your district from the 2nd prior school year, as it is reported to ODOE.   This number is used to determine the planned assistance level (value of commodities) for your district for the current school year.  Using the meal counts, our office calculates the assessment fee at a rate of 1.3 cents a meal. This is an increase of .2 cents from the program year 2019.   

To identify the amount we are assessing your district, authorized personnel can log onto the Donated Food System (DF10) at  Click on the Reports tab, and then launch the tab for the RA Survey Mailers.  Using the drop down box for Program Year, select the current school year and launch report.  The survey report will appear in PDF.  When the report comes up, look at the top of the report beside Meals to identify the meal counts used to determine assessment fees.  Multiple the meal count by 1.3 cents and you will have the total assessment fee for this current school year.

Once you receive your invoice in March, please review the invoice to determine if the amount matches what is on the survey.  If the dollar amount is not in agreement with the DF10, please contact our office.  Meal counts may have been revised to reflect updated information from ODOE. If the information appears to be correct, please get approval and pay the invoice no later than May 15. 

If you have outstanding invoices from prior school years, our office will be contacting your office to request payment.   By law, our office is required to collect those fees.  Please refer to the DHS Application and Agreement for United States Department of Agriculture Donated Food Program for National School Lunch Program.  


Gina Kazerooni, Programs Administrator

Commodity Distribution Unit and School Nutrition Programs

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