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State Plan Personal Care Member – Welcome Letter


ADvantage Administration | State Plan Personal Care


Dear State Plan Member,

An Oklahoma Department of Human Services nurse recently made a visit with you and completed an assessment for in-home services.  Your application has been approved for provider services through the State Plan Personal Care Services Program.

 At the time of your assessment a Consents and Rights form was completed indicating you either chose a specific Home Care Provider agency or that you had no preference for your Home Care Provider agency. The referral information has been sent to the agency based on your choice.  The Home Care Provider agency will be contacting you in a few days to schedule a home visit by their nurse to complete your plan of care based on needs identified during the assessment visit.  The agency is required to make their visit and submit your service plan and plan of care to DHS for authorization within 10 business days. The service plan and plan of care must be authorized prior to your Provider services beginning.

Please contact Medicaid Services Unit at 1-800-435-4700 to report the following:

  1. The Home Care Provider agency has not contacted you within 14 Calendar days of the date of this letter to establish your services.
  2. You have any changes in contact information
    1. Telephone number
    2. Address
    3. Staying somewhere besides your address
  3. Problems arise that your Home Care Provider agency is unable to resolve
  4. You wish to change Home Care Provider agency
  5. Your need for services change


Once the Home Care Provider agency has established your services, they will provide you with contact information on how to contact them for issues with your provider or if your service plan needs change.

We look forward in assisting you,

The State Plan Personal Care Unit

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