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Provider Update: January 29, 2016

​​EVV: Santrax Portal Outage 1/27/2016

On 1/27/2016 an outage in Sandata temporarily shut down the Santrax Portal.  The total impact wasn't known until a full investigation was completed. Notifications were sent in advance to all providers as a cautionary measure.

However, OKDHS ADvantage providers use Santrax Agency Management, otherwise referred to as SAM, not the "Santrax Portal" mentioned above. To be clear: there were no issues with SAM, therefore the Sandata outage did not impact ADvantage providers.  Provider calls continued to be processed in Santrax Agency Management all day without interruption. There should be no residual effects that stem from this incident.

Issue: On the morning of Wednesday January 27, 2016, at approximately 10am the Santrax Visit Maintenance application was not functioning normally for providers that use the Santrax Portal.

Cause: It was determined that code changes in the Santrax Portal caused the errant behavior. 

Resolution: The code has been corrected. 

Again OKDHS ADvantage providers were affected, and no customer service tickets have been logged for this issue.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information provided above, please feel free to contact us via Smarter Mail at:

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