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Provider Update: December 26, 2018

To:  ADvantage Case Management, Home Care, Adult Day Health, Hospice,
Assisted Living, and Home Delivered MealProviders

Subject:Rate Recycles

For providers who have not yet had their rates recycled to the increased rate for services rendered since 7/1/2018, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority is now ready to adjust these remaining claims.

For providers who wish to recycle claims, there are two options:

  1. Log into the OHCA Provider Portal to void and refile the claim with the higher billed amount.  This can be done as long as claims are not past timely filing (6 months from the date of service); or
  2. Complete and send an adjustment request form to adjust the billed amount.  The form is located at

NOTE:If assistance is needed, or if you have a high volume of claims and need additional support, contact OHCA Provider Services at 800-522-0114.

Please send any questions regarding this information through the Harmony PQ chapter.

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