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Provider Update: November 6, 2019

To: All ADvantage Providers

Subject: Provider Question Resolution Statuses

To assist providers in identifying the status of a provider question inquiry, the following table (see next page) describes/defines the various statuses.

Provider Question Resolution Statuses

​Resolution Status Used By​ Used When​  Means to Provider​
​Pending ​Harmony user submitting PQ ​PQ is initially submitted ​The PQ has not yet been touched by MSU
​Forward for Review ​MSU
PQ/Management Team
​PQ has been assigned to the appropriate MSU resource ​The PQ has been reas & assigned to MSU staff for resolution
​In Progress ​Assigned MSU staff ​PQ is being worked by MSU assigned resource ​The PQ is being worked by MSU staff. ** If response not received in 2 business days please see note on notes sub-tab of the PQ ticket for update on most recent actions to resolve PQ.
​Management Review ​MSU PQ Team ​PQ has been forwarded to a member of the management team for a response ​PQ has been forwarded to a member of the management team for a responce.
​Provider Response Needed ​Assigned MSU staff ​PQ cannot be resolved without additional information from the provider ​Additional information must be provided within one week or the PQ will be closed ** When adding additional information as requested, the Harmony user should add the information to the Additional Information Needed note on the Notes Sub-Tab of the PQ ticket to Resubmission on the PQ Sub-Tab
​Resubmission ​Harmony user that submitted PQ ​Responding to a request for additional information ONLY ​PQ has been resubmitted to the assigned MSU staff with updated information per request.
​Complete ​Assigned MSU staff ​PQ ticket has been completed ​PQ ticket has been completed and details of the resolution are give to the requestor

Please send any questions regarding the information above through the Harmony PQ chapter.


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