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Provider Update: October 30, 2019

To:                  All ADvantage Case Management Providers

Subject:CD-PASS FMS/EVV Transition Dates and Updates

Priority: High

The ADvantage CD-PASS service option must comply with a federal mandate to use an Electronic Visit Verification system (EVV) by January 1, 2020. CD-PASS is currently transitioning to a new Fiscal Management Service (FMS) vendor, Acumen.  Acumen will provide EVV services, in addition to the FMS service, beginning January 1, 2020.

Due to the accelerated transition schedule please make note of the following CD-PASS service option deadlines.

ACES$ FMS Deadlines:

  1. New Enrollment Packets will continue to be mailed out as requested through Harmony through the end of October 2019. No new (Member or Employee) packets will be mailed out after this date.
  2. Payroll Schedule: The last pay date for ACES$ will be December 20, 2019 for the pay period of December 1 – 15, 2019.  Here are the specific deadlines for eligible and approved timesheets submitted on or after the due date for this pay period:
    1. December 1-15 pay period has a pay date of 12/20/19
    2. Any timesheets received by 2p EST 12/17/19 will have a pay date of Friday, 12/20/19
    3. Any timesheets received by 2p EST 12/18/19 will have a pay date of Monday, 12/23/19
    4. Any timesheets received by 2p EST 12/19/19 will have a pay date of Tuesday, 12/24/19
    5. Any timesheets received by 2p EST 12/23/19 will be processed on 12/24/19 with a pay date of Friday 12/27/19.
    6. Any timesheets received AFTER 2p EST on 12/23/19 will not be processed by ACES$. All timesheets for pay period 12/16/19 – 12/31/19 will be submitted to new vendor.
  3. Goods and Services Reimbursements/Bonus Checks (OPX): Final OPX requests received complete and correct by Friday, December 6, 2019 will be processed and paid out on Friday, December 13, 2019. Any received after that date must be resubmitted to the new vendor.
  4. Customer Service: ACES$ Customer Service will end on December 31, 2019. Member will be unable to call in to customer service after this date.
  5. ACES$ ONLINE Portal: The Portal will be up until March 1, 2019 for the benefit of the Members, however, the ability to submit timesheets online will be shut down at 2pm EST December 23, 2019. Both Fax numbers will also be shut down at 2p EST on December 23, 2019, along with and

OKDHS CD-PASS Team Deadlines:

  1. The OKDHS CD-PASS Team will cease processing New Member applications On November 1, 2019 and resume on January 1, 2020. OKDHS Staff will continue to be available to Member and Providers during this time.
  2. A systematic conversion will go into effect in December, converting services lines ending ACES$' service on 12/15/2019 and beginning Acumen's service on 12/16/2019.
  3. Once the conversion is complete, CMs will not be able to add ACES$ for dates of service after 12/15/19.


New CD-PASS FMS/EVV Acumen Deadlines:

  1. Members will receive an official welcome letter with updated contact information for Acumen beginning the week of Oct. 28th.
  2. Members will receive updated paperwork to be completed from Acumen FMS/EVV beginning the week of Oct. 28. It is encouraged that this paperwork be completed as soon as possible.
  3. Members will receive an EVV and FMS training schedule from Acumen beginning the week of Oct 28th.
  4. Acumen will process payroll for CD-PASS Members beginning January 1, 2020 for dates of service Dec. 16-Dec. 31, 2019.  Case managers should follow-up with CD-PASS Members to ensure they are aware of this change and advise them that they are responsible for responding to the FMS timely in returning all required paperwork to prevent any potential processing delays in regards to PSA/APSA payments. 
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