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Provider update: October 1, 2020

To:  All Harmony Users

Subject:  New Version of Harmony

Date:  October 1, 2020

A new version of Harmony will be deployed during the normal maintenance window on 10/4/2020 starting around 5pm. This new version has been tested by several MSU and Provider Agency users. If any issues are found after deployment, please submit a PQ in Harmony with an Inquiry Type of "System Issues" and the issue will be addressed as quickly as possible. A list of updates that will be seen in the new version are listed below.

  • Login Page

A new login page for provider users will be displayed.

  • Forgot Password Option

The Forgot Password Option on the Login page is temporarily removed. The vendor is working on this option and it will be enabled in the future.

  • Unsuccessful Login Attempt Message

A new message will display when a user login attempt is unsuccessful: "Username or password is incorrect. 1/5 attempts remaining." The warning message will inform the user how many attempts they have remaining before their user id will be locked.

  • Provider Chapter/Authorization Tab

Users should no longer experience timeouts when opening the Authorizations Tab on the Provider Chapter.

  • Plan Notes Attachment Indicator

There is an issue on the Plan Notes Sub-Tab where if an attachment is added to an existing note the Attachment indicator does not change from "No" to "Yes". We thought this was corrected in the last version, but additional work was required, and we believe the issue should be corrected on this version of Harmony.

  • Medication Data Form Update

The Medication Data section on the Nurse Eval and UCAT III has been updated to show all columns instead of requiring the user to scroll to see the columns in this area.

  • NitroPro PDF Viewer

NitroPro PDF Viewer is now compatible with Word Merge. Users that use NitroPro in place of Adobe or another PDF Viewer program will now be able to view Word Merges, save to notes, and print.

  • Medication History Record

An error message will no longer display when accessing the Medication History page on the Medication Tab.

  • Reassign Ticklers Update

The system will now allow the user to reassign a tickler that has both the option of "Reassign" and "Reassign to me" enabled. Previously, if a user selected "Reassign" with this specific configuration, they would be able to select the worker and save, but the tickler would not be reassigned.

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