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Provider update: September 11, 2020

To:  ADvantage and SPPC Service Providers

Subject:  Update to Processes – Member Signatures

Date:  September 11, 2020

As a result of the 1135 Waiver Approval received from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), programs that required person-centered service plans to have Members' written consent for services and choice of providers are now allowed to accept documented verbal consent as an alternative.

To facilitate this change, ADvantage and State Plan Personal Care (SPPC) forms have been updated as follows:

  • The 'ADv - Signature Page' has been combined with the 'Service Team Release' form and is now one document titled 'ADv - Service Agreement/Team Release'.  The new form is located under the Documents tab in the Member record.
    • A new required field has been added for the Worker to identify what type of change/update is being made.  The Type of Service Plan selected will load required sections/fields for completion.
    • Changes to this form provide the appropriate fields for documentation of verbal consent.

  • The 'SPPC-Signature page' has been replaced with the 'SPPC Member Service Agreement' to allow for documentation of verbal consent of the service plan.  The new form is located under the Documents tab in the Member record.

  • The 'ADv - Transfer of Case Management', 'ADv - Transfer of Home Care', and 'SPPC - Transfer of Home Care Agency' forms have also been updated and condensed to facilitate documentation of the transfer process and the documentation of verbal consent.

To summarize:

  • Verbal consent forms are required in place of previously required signature documents for plans, addendums, transfers, etc., for both ADvantage and SPPC programs;

  • Verbal consent forms are now located on the Documents tab;

  • There is no need to print a verbal consent form or to upload the form to a Note, only to update the form to "Complete" status, save and close;

    • Because of the requirement for verifying verbal consent, only forms marked as "Complete" will be accepted.
  • Wet signature forms on the Word Merge and Document tabs will be removed until the end of the public health emergency;
  • The previous process of accepting documentation of Member consent (without signature form) in Plan Notes will no longer be honored on submissions beginning 9/15/2020.

Thank you.


    ADvantage Administration | State Plan Personal Care

    Office: 918-933-4900 | CareLine: 800-435-4711

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