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Provider Update: September 4, 2019

To: All ADvantage Case Management Providers

Subject: OKDHS Live Proxy Process

Beginning August 18, 2019, all ADvantage Members will receive a letter from DHS administration instructing them to go online to when it is time to complete their annual financial review. Some Members may not have access to a computer to complete this process, but friends or family members may assist them. Members also have the option to call the phone number that will be included in the letter.

The website will give deadlines by which completion of review activities must be done. If deadlines are not met, the Members’ benefits will be closed.

Attached is a presentation created by DHS Adult and Family Services staff providing information on the process for completing the annual financial review online.

Thank you.

Please send any questions regarding the information above through the Harmony PQ chapter.

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