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Provider update: June 18, 2020

To:  All ADvantage Providers  

Subject:  Contract Changes related to COVID-19 Emergency Plan

Date:  June 18, 2020

Dear Providers,

Oklahoma Human Services has worked with our state and federal partners to establish emergency plans to support our provider network as we go through this difficult time together.  Please see below for a summary of those changes regarding Contract information.

  • During the time of the emergency, temporarily cease annual recertification of ADvantage providers and extend to every other year.
    • For calendar year 2020, this will affect OHCA contracts for In-Home Respite and Skilled Nursing Agencies that would normally expire 10/31/2020.
    • Quarterly and yearly financial submissions to MSU Contracts are not required during the period of the emergency.
    • Provider Certification Updates are also not required during this time.
  • As noted in a previous bulletin, Members needing nursing facility (NF) respite in an area with no ADvantage contracted NF providers may temporarily receive services in a non-ADvantage certified facility contracted with OHCA.
    • Case managers will need to submit a PQ, attention Program Administrator, for assistance with this request.

If you have questions on the content of this bulletin, please submit a Provider Question with an Inquiry type of COVID-19 Question / Issue.

As always, we appreciate the support you provide to our Members.


ADvantage Administration | State Plan Personal Care


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