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Provider Update: June 4, 2019

To:                   All Harmony Users

Subject: Reporting Harmony System Issues

In order for our team to gather as many details as possible related to a reported system issue, a new document has been added to the PQ ChapterDocuments Sub-Tab. Anytime you are submitting a PQ with an inquiry type of "System Issues" please complete this document. Our team will review as quickly as possible and if unable to resolve will escalate to our vendor for resolution.

  1. To create a PQ ticket, fill in appropriate information and select an Inquiry Type = System Issues

*Please do not use this inquiry type for things that are not true system issues. A true system issue might include loss of data, unable to check information in from mobile assessments, mobile assessments giving error messages and unable to use, etc.

  1. Hover over File and Select "Save PQ."  This action will expose the Sub-Tabs for the record.
  1. Select the Documentation Sub-Tab (bottom arrow), then hover over File and select "Add Documentation" (top arrow).
  1. Select the document titled "System Issue Help Desk Questionnaire" and complete all questions with as much detail as possible.

Image regarding Harmony System issues. For more information, contact Tim Rossi at (918) 933-4951
Please send any questions regarding the information above through the Harmony PQ chapter

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