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Provider Update: May 15, 2019

To:                   All ADvantage and State Plan Personal Care Providers

Subject:          Harmony Status Updates

The Medicaid Services Unit is sending out periodic updates on the status of key areas of interest to providers working in the Harmony system.  If there are areas that you wish to see included in this report, please let us know.

Service Plan Processing

  • Oldest working date for MSU-ADvantage is 4/30/2019
    • If there are any plans/plan revisions in a review status prior to this date, please advise via Provider Question (PQ).  Include identifying member information and plan number.
  • Oldest working date for MSU-SPPC is 5/8/2019


  • Case workers at the county offices have been given Harmony access in order to identify the Case Managers of members who have not completed annual financial eligibility reviews.
    • This access will hopefully decrease the number of closures related to financial ineligibility due only to not completing the annual review.
  • Regional Provider Trainings are currently underway across the state.
    • MSU staff are in Norman today, and will finish up in Lawton tomorrow.


  • The state of Oklahoma must come into compliance with section 12006 of the 21st Century Cures Act by implementing EVV for all home and community-based services (HCBS) waiver members.
  • ADvantage is well set for this implementation as all home care services (except self-direction) are currently required to use EVV for claims development and submission to OHCA.
  • The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA), our state Medicaid agency, has chosen to have an open model for EVV implementation.  This means that each state agency will use the EVV vendor(s) of their choice for their waivers.
    • ADvantage will continue to use First Data (Authenticare) for our non-self-directed members.
    • ADvantage will need to come into compliance by bringing EVV to the CD-PASS (self-directed) population.
      • ADvantage leadership has been working with OHCA, DHS Finance and Contracts personnel to establish the necessary relationships for implementation of EVV for CD-PASS.
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