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Provider Update: May 5. 2021

To:  All ADvantage Home Care Providers

Subject: PCA/ASR Skills Checklist

Date:  May 5, 2021

A PCA/ASR Skills Checklist has been developed in Harmony to assist Home Care (HC) Providers with capturing and retaining competency evaluations for Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) and Advanced Supportive/Restorative (ASR) aides.

  • All HC providers are required to begin using the Skills Checklist in Harmony for all newly hired PCAs and ASR aides.  The form is available now in Harmony for provider use.  
  •  For current employees, the Skills Checklist will need to be completed in Harmony no later than the due date of the employee’s next annual evaluation.
  • Instructions to create a worker record for the PCA/ASR are located in the Harmony library site:

3. Appendix and All Agency Information

All Agencies – Add Worker Record
All Agencies – Inactivate Worker Record
All Agencies – Reactivate Worker Record

*Please note: Having a worker record in Harmony does not give the worker access to the system. An Access Request must be submitted to MSU if the user needs access to the Harmony system.

  • Accessing the Skills Checklist:
    • Login to Harmony using the Provider Prime or Provider Plus role
    • Navigate to the Provider Chapter
    • Select the Workers Tab
    • Select the Specific Worker Record *Note the worker record will need to be added first following the instructions on the “All Agencies – Add Worker Record” Job Sheet.
    • Select the Documentation Sub-Tab
    • Select File
    • Select Add Documents
    • Select the Document Type of “PCA/ASR Skills Checklist”
    • Complete the checklist and save in a “Complete” status once all documentation is entered.
      • Note: If completing the checklist for ASR or Both (PCA & ASR), please add the specific Member name where the on-the-job training session was conducted.

Please submit any questions through the PQ Chapter in Harmony.  If the question is in regard to a specific Member, please be certain to link that Member to the PQ in order to prevent a delay in answering your inquiry.     

ADvantage Administration | State Plan Care Unit | Medical Eligibility Services
Office: 918-933-4900 | CareLine: 800-435-4711

Last Modified on May 06, 2021
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