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Provider update: April 15, 2020

To:  All ADvantage Home Delivered Meal and Case Management Providers

Subject:  Update to Home Delivered Meals Process Changes related to COVID-19 Emergency Plan

Date:  April 15, 2020

Update to bulletin sent on 4/8/2020.  Please see revised guidance noted in Bold (bullet 4).

Dear Providers,

The Human Services Department has been working with our state and federal partners to initiate emergency plans to support our provider network as we go through this difficult time together.  Please see below for a summary of those changes specific to your service type.

  • The limit of one (1) home delivered meal per Member per day is being increased to two (2) meals per Member per day.
  • To facilitate this change, ADvantage will be doing blanket authorizations for all Members currently receiving home delivered meals, doubling the existing authorization for each Member.  We anticipate these authorizations will be in place no later than Monday, 4/13/2020.
  • There will be no change date on the Service Plan; however the service line and authorization will be updated to reflect the higher number of units per (day or week, as applicable) and total units.
  • Meals may be delivered for a two week period when necessary, but care should be taken to not overwhelm the storage capabilities of the Member.
    • Once the increased authorizations are in place, up to 28 meals may be billed every two weeks on the date of shipment or delivery, as applicable.
    • When delivering 28 meals every two weeks, a combination of frozen/shelf stable, fresh/shelf stable, or fresh/frozen should be utilized so as to avoid storage issues for the Member.
    • Both Meal Providers and Case Managers should be alert for situations where the Member cannot accommodate the larger delivery volume.
  • Providers may bill for the full 28 meals on the date of shipment.
  • For Members who do not need or want the increased meals, we ask that Case Managers modify service plans to reduce the number of meals in accordance with person-centered service planning principles.  Documentation of Members' agreement with the reduction in meals is required in a Plan Note pending receipt of wet signatures.

As always, we appreciate the support you provide to our Members. 

If you have questions on the content of this bulletin, please submit a Provider Question with an Inquiry type of COVID-19 Question / Issue.

Thank you.


ADvantage Administration | State Plan Personal Care

Office: 918-933-4900 | CareLine: 800-435-4711

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