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Provider Update: April 1, 2019

To:                   All ADvantage Waiver/State Plan Personal Care Provider Agencies

Subject:Worker Name Listings

Over the next several weeks MSU will be updating the listings of worker names in the Harmony system to facilitate easier view of the workers associated agency and if the worker has the following credentials: RN, LPN, CM, CMS, or BCMS.

In the First Name field on the worker profile any credentials listed above in addition to the agency'(s) in which the worker is associated will be listed as shown below.  

**As a result of this change all provider agencies need to make sure the worker credentials area is updated if the worker is an LPN or RN. Please see the attached job sheet regarding adding credentials to a worker record. *Note: MSU adds the credentials for CM, CMS, and BCMS.

User login changes beginning 4/1/2019:

  • Anytime a worker moves to a new agency the worker will no longer keep the same worker record or worker login. The worker record and associated user login with the old agency will be deactivated.
  • The worker will be added to a new record for the new agency and will receive a new login.

*The user login may remain the same in some instances; MSU will provide this information to the new agency for the user.

** It is vital for agencies to submit an access request or access deactivation to MSU through the PQ chapter any time your agency has a new worker or a worker leaves your agency.

This change will help throughout the record to give more information about the specific worker at a glance.

Documents Tab:


My Harmony Chapter (Notes Pane):

Additional Information:

  • If a worker is currently with more than one provider agency the worker will be contacted when we get to their record and we will give them a new login for each additional agency.*
    • *Working for two agencies is only permitted if the worker is doing CM for a CM agency, and works as an RN for a HC agency, but cannot work as both for the same Member.  A CM cannot work as an ADvantage CM for two different agencies.
  • If a worker is currently with more than one provider agency branch no changes will be made to their login.
  • If a worker has been with 2 or more agencies prior to 4/1/2019 anywhere in the system that their name is listed it will show their name with their current agency as of 3/31/2019 regardless of the agency that they were with when the actual work was completed. This will not cause any issues with the work just something to keep in mind if reviewing things created prior to 4/1/2019 and you are concerned about the listing showing someone with the wrong agency completed the work. 

Please send any questions regarding the information above through the Harmony PQ chapter.

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