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Provider update: March 12, 2021

To: All ADvantage Case Management, SPPC, and Home Care Providers

Subject: Authenticare IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Registration Change for March 17

Date: March 12, 2021

Fiserv is transitioning IVR services to an updated system. Telephonic AuthentiCare IVR users will experience an updated recording when calling into the system beginning March 17th. The recording will add 30 seconds to the call-in process and the recording tree will read as follows:

User hears:

  • "Welcome to AuthentiCare Oklahoma. Enter your Worker ID followed by the pound sign."
  • Press 1 to check in.

User hears:

  • "Voice verification will be used to confirm your identity when checking in and out. The first step in this process is to make a voice print. You will be asked to say the following:
    • Your first name, your last name, and your worker ID.
    • Press the # when u finished speaking.
    • You should speak clearly in an everyday speaking tone. During the enrollment process, you will be asked to speak your enrollment phrase multiple times."

User hears:

  • "You must have your voice print established by<21days>[VoiceBiometrics.VoiceBioDeadline]Do you wish to record your voice print now? If yes, press 1. If no, press 2.
    • Press 1

User hears:

  • "OK, let's record your voice print now. After the beep, please say your first name, last name, and worker ID. For example, "Mary Smith 123456".
  • Record your name and worker ID

User hears:

  • “Now for the second time Please say your first name, last name, and worker ID. Press the # key when you're finished speaking."
  • Record your First name, Last name and Worker ID

User hears:

  • "Okay. Now for your last recording. After the beep, please say your first name, last name, and worker ID."
  • Record you First name , Last name and worker ID

User hears:

  • "Thank you. Your Voice-print has been successfully recorded.*(if applicable)Please enter your mileage in whole miles in minutes followed by #sign"

User impact is expected to be minimal.

For any questions or concerns please contact AuthentiCare Support at 1-800-441-4667, or by email at

ADvantage Administration | State Plan Care Unit | Medical Eligibility Services
Office: 918-933-4900 | CareLine: 800-435-4711

Last Modified on Mar 17, 2021
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