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Provider Update: March 8, 2019

To:All ADvantage Waiver/State Plan Personal Care Provider Agencies

Subject:Reports in Harmony

The Medicaid Services Unit continues to diligently work to develop many reports in the Harmony System.

A New Harmony Reports document (attached) will be added to the Harmony Project Site in the Harmony Training Section and updated as new reports are made available to providers in the system. We will also demo reports on the Lunch and Learns as they are made live in the system.

**Attention to CM and HC Provider Agencies:

Please note that the "My Work" report is now available to all Provider Roles in the Harmony system. This report is designed to track upcoming work due and also work completed by the Primary Worker (Case Manager) and Secondary Worker (Home Care Nurse). The following are tips for using this report:

  • The Case Manager and Home Care Nurse must be listed on the Division Tab of the Member record in order for the case to show up on the workers report.
  • If the 5 day follow up is not able to be completed for a valid reason the user can make a note in the Member record using a note type of "My Work Task Not Complete". This note should include justification for the task not being completed and will update the report accordingly.

Please send any questions regarding the information above through the Harmony PQ chapter.

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