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Provider update: February 24, 2021

To:  All ADvantage Home Care, Hospice, Adult Day, Assisted Living, and Nursing Facility Respite Providers

Subject:  Update on Retroactive Rate Increase Payments

Date:  February 24, 2021

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority has begun processing the retroactive rate increase adjustments for the 6-month period from 4/1/2020 to 9/30/2020 for direct care providers.  The retroactive payment will be shown on the weekly remit as an expenditure, not as an adjustment on past claims, and it can be found near the end of the remit.  OHCA is now entering the information for issuance on the 3/3/2021 remit. As there are many claims, processing may not be completed until the following week’s remit date of 3/10/2021.

The MSU will advise of any changes or delays to the remittance of the retroactive rate adjustment payments via bulletin.

Thank you.

ADvantage Administration | State Plan Personal Care
Office: 918-933-4900 | CareLine: 800-435-4711

Last Modified on Feb 25, 2021
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