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Provider Update: February 5, 2019

To: All ADvantage Providers

Subject: Managing Provider Enrollments in Harmony

Provider Enrollments is the area of Harmony that tracks the current status of a provider agency with a particular Member.  If a provider agency associated to the Member is not listed on this tab, the workers at that agency cannot see or access the Member's record.  It is imperative that the case manager add all providers on the team release form to the provider enrollments tab upon submission of the plan.

To help resolve any confusion on how to complete this process, a new appendix job sheet has been created.  It is titled Appendix: Members Chapter/Provider Enrollments Tab.  We are attaching a copy of the appendix to this email.  The link to the appendix can be found here.      

To help Case Managers remember to complete this step, Provider Enrollments Tab is listed on the CM Self Check List for Harmony Case Submission- Initial IDT.  The checklist is also being attached to this email, but can also be found here

Please send any questions regarding the information above through the Harmony PQ chapter. 

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