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Provider Update: January 25, 2019

To:  All ADvantage CM Providers

Subject: CM Errors in Harmony

ADvantage has discovered that some Case Managers are not completing all required steps, as instructed in the posted job sheets, when opening a Member's case, adding service plans and adding providers to the Provider Enrollments tab in Harmony.  Failure to complete these steps correctly can cause delays in services for Members. 

We want to call special attention to the fact that if an authorized provider for a Member is not listed on Provider Enrollments tab in Harmony that provider cannot see any of the Member's information in Harmony, including not being aware that the Member is assigned to their agency and is in need of services. 

We are asking all Case Managers to check the Provider Enrollments tab for each Member assigned, to ensure all Members' authorized providers have been added correctly to the Provider Enrollments tab in Harmony.Please complete this ASAP, but no later than 02/01/2019.

Below are links to the ADvantage CM Agency Initial IDT User's Guide and the CM Self Check List for Harmony Case Submission- Initial IDT.  These can also be found on the DHS website.  

Instructions for opening a Member's case can be found in steps 1-7 in the User's Guide.

Instructions for adding a service plan can be found in steps 118-130 in the User's Guide. 

Instructions for adding providers to the Provider Enrollments tab can be found in steps 148-155 of the User's Guide.   

Please send any questions regarding the information above through the Harmony PQ chapter. 

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