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Provider Update: Sandata Technologies

July 3, 2014

The MSU-AA is currently scheduling user group meetings to introduce the new IVRA vendor, and to train providers on the new system.  While this system will be “new” to ADvantage, the functionality of the product will be basically the same as the system you have used for the past few years.  The “look and feel”, may be different but the process of scheduling and billing claims will work the same.  Your staff will continue to “check in and check out” using the Members “phone number of record”.  Providers will continue to enter and edit claims data prior to submitting billing.  The system will deliver the 837 file to OHCA using the same standard identifying information. 

It is also important to note that Sandata is not new to scheduling, billing, payroll, and data processing.  The company has been providing operational software products for Medicaid programs for almost 35 years.  Sandata is presently providing a similar Medicaid billing application in several other states.  We are confident that this company’s experience offering a similar solution to other states will serve Oklahoma well as we make this transition. 

We look forward to implementing the new software and we are excited about system updates that will be added in the initial start-up. Scheduling training for this process is a major undertaking, so please be patient with us as we move to get this accomplished with much urgency. 

As always, if you have questions or concerns submit them to

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