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Provider Update: New IVRA Software Training

July 7, 2014

Mandatory training sessions for providers to receive instruction in using the Sandata IVRA system software are scheduled to occur during the latter half of the month of August, 2014. Multiple training opportunities will be offered in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The actual dates, times and locations are being finalized, but we will offer at least two weeks prior notice before the actual training is presented. A registration site will be set up and we will send out a Provider Bulletin with instructions on how to register for training.

The “Train the Trainer” model will again be used for the deployment of the new IVRA system. No more than two key staff from each provider agency will receive in-person, classroom training on how to use the system. It is expected that these staff will return to the agency and provide necessary guidance and training to all of their associates. We suggest the staff attending the scheduled training include the individual responsible for agency billing as well as the individual who will be assigned as the “System Administrator”. The System Administrator in this case, would be the staff responsible for assigning user roles or the one who will decide what level of access the agency user will be granted.

This training encounter will differ from the prior system installation in so much as it will include both lecture and hands-on, or active, learning. Each classroom session attendee will have the use of a computer and will have the opportunity to navigate and explore the functionality of the system. Sandata staff will provide the actual training, although AA staff will be in attendance to address issues related to training.

This is a comprehensive training session, so the entire day will be devoted strictly to training; questions unrelated to training will be captured as “parking lot” items, to be addressed following the training event. If we can answer questions you may have prior to the event please, submit them via Provider Question, and we will respond. Please be advised that the limit of 2 attendees per agency will be strictly adhered to, as the capacity of computer training sites available have specific occupancy limits.

As always, if you have questions or concerns submit them to

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