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AAU Provider Update: CD-PASS Optional Expense Transition

ADvantage Administration Unit Provider Update: CD-PASS Optional Expense Transition- Transition Date Change & Procedural Changes

June 14, 2010

Optional Expense Transition Date Change:

It has become necessary for the optional expense transition to occur on the same date for all ADvantage Members who receive the CD-PASS service option. Due to this change, OKDHS staff will be completing the optional expense worksheet for all ADvantage Members who receive the CD-PASS service option and the effective date of change will be Aug. 1, 2010. Case Management agencies will receive a 6E1 with the new unit rate for personal care and/or advanced personal care along with the new line for optional expense funds. The line will be effective from 8/1/10 to the end of the service plan year.

What this means to Case Managers:

No action will be required from the Case Manager for the Optional Expense Transition plan modifications that become effective 8/1/10. (Plans will begin 8/1/10 and end according to the service plan end date).

Case managers will be required to use the IBA worksheet for any plan reassessment that occurs on or after Aug. 1, 2010. The tool is located on the Public Partnership Website: (Link opens in new window),  the user name is: okclient and the password is: okcdpass87 

Procedural Changes:

The Budget Summary form: Consumer Directed Agents will not list all employees that provide personal care and their wage. Consumer Directed Agents will have one employee line for each service (PSA and/or APSA) and enter under “desired hourly wage”, the pay rate of the highest paid employee for that service. For example, the member has 15 hours per week of PSA services and uses two PSA’s. One PSA makes 9.00 an hour and one PSA makes 10.00 an hour, the line would look like this:

Employee Type of Service Units per Week Hours per Week Units per Year Annual ADvantage Cost Desired Hourly Wage Annual Wage
PSA PSA 60 15 3180 $9826.20 $10.00 $7950.00

If you have any questions regarding the information provided above, please feel free to contact us at Provider Questions.

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