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AAU Provider Update: AuthentiCare 835 Integration

June 3, 2011

OKAuthentiCare was designed to assist Medicaid Providers in the claims creation, submission and management process. The 835 data file (electronic remittance advice) provided from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) assists with the final step of that cycle. Importing your 835 data into AuthentiCare can provide many benefits.

Effective 6/10/2011, provider agencies will have the ability to directly download 835 data. Please review the following scenarios according to your current 835 reporting status to determine the appropriate action for your agency.

  • Providers who have currently designated First Data to be the receiver of 835 data.
  • Option 1:

    The provider will initiate the vendor change on the OHCA secure website,

    • enter username and password
    • select the account tab
    • select maintenance
    • select AuthentiCare/First Data
    • select Revoke Permissions
    • select Save

    Option 2:

    • Submit a new Oklahoma SoonerCare EDI Application, leaving the field for Elect a Designated Receiver empty, which will prompt the EDI Department to call and verify the vendor change
    • Providers should inform the First Data helpdesk at once this change has been made by the EDI department
  • Providers who currently are receiving paper 835’s
    Complete and submit an Oklahoma SoonerCare EDI Application
  • Providers who are not receiving 835’s
    Complete and submit an Oklahoma SoonerCare EDI Application
    Note: Contact information on the form should be from the billing office.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information provided above, please feel free to contact us via email at AuthentiCare.

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