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AAU Provider Update: Member Agency Transfers

March 9, 2011


You will now see the following information added to the initial ADv6g your agency receives on a new Member:

The CM and HH agency listed on this ADv6g is assigned by “Member Choice” to this member.  At the request of the member, should a change of agency occur, the following documentation is required by AAU and must be submitted with the Service Plan Packet.

  1. ADv9 – Provider Communication Form - indicating the reason for the change and the specific date the change occurred.  This date will be used as the start date for services provided.
  2. ADv10 – Change of Provider Form.  This form indicates Member’s choice regarding agency listed on the service plan.

To access these forms, go to the website. (link opens in new window)

In the event that an existing ADvantage Member requests an Agency transfer, please adhere to the following process:

  1. Member requests a different Case Management (CM) or Home Health (HH) Provider Agency.
  2. Case Manager completes ADv10, Change of Provider, with the member, authorizing Case Manager to share member information with the new CM or HH Provider Agency selected by the member.
  3. Case Manager completes and submits ADv6e1, Service Plan Addendum to AAU, to modify the Service Plan, with the date of the Transfer IDT meeting used as the end date of services for the current CM Provider Agency.  There can be only a one-day overlap in services provided by CM Provider Agency for the Transfer IDT meeting and attended by the current and new CM Provider Agency.
  4. AAU will review the ADv6e1 for accuracy and respond to the Case Manager accordingly.  A new ADv6g is issued to the new CM Provider Agency and the ending Agency, if authorization is established.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information provided above, please feel free to contact us via email at Provider Questions.

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