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ADvantage Administration Unit Update: Case Management Training

ADvantage Administration Unit Update: Case Management Training Enrollment Policy

Feb. 8, 2010

In an effort to respectfully accommodate Case Management agency hiring schedules and to be the best possible stewards of state resources, the following enrollment policy is being enacted for ADvantage Case Management Training.

Enrollment for Case Management Training classes will close at 5 p.m. on the Thursday six (6) business days prior to the start of the next Case Management Training (excluding holidays). The minimum number of registrants required to convene a scheduled Case Management Training is eight (8). The maximum accepted number of registrants for any one Case Management Training class is fifteen (15). Exceptions to this policy will be at the discretion of the Training & Development Program Manager with approval from the Program Assistant Administrator.

Should enrollment fail to meet the minimum number of registrants, the ADvantage Administration Unit will notify participating agencies of CM Training class cancellation five (5) business days prior to the previously scheduled start and advise of the rescheduled date of training.

Revised - 2010 ADvantage Case Management Training Schedule

Due to the reduced demand for training of new ADvantage Case Managers, effective Feb. 1, 2010, the Case Management Training schedule for 2010 has been changed to one training per month, which will be the first week of training (Primary Training Week) currently scheduled (see below).

In the event that a Primary Training Week enrollment exceeds fifteen (15) and an additional enrollment potential of eight (8) or more exists in the same month, an alternate training week may be activated. The alternate training week will be the second week of training currently scheduled each month (see below). Please note that the class enrollment minimum of eight (8) registrants will still be required to activate an alternate week of training during the month. Otherwise, those individuals will be enrolled into the next available regularly scheduled Primary Training Week.

The determination of need for an alternate training week will be made by the Training Program Manager in conjunction with Contract Administration based on current training enrollment demand. This determination will be made by the last day of each month’s Primary Training Week. Enrollment for training weeks will be on a “first come, first scheduled” basis.

Please review the following Case Management Training schedule:

Primary Training Week Enrollment Closing Date
February 8 -12  January 28
March 8 – 12  February 25
April 5 – 9 March 25
May 3 – 7 April 22
June 7 – 11  May 27
July 12 – 16  July 1
August 9 – 13  July 29
September 13 – 17  September 2
October 11 – 15  September 30
November 15 -19  November 4
December 6 -10  November 24

Alternate Training Weeks (as needed)

Alternate Training Week Enrollment Closing Date
February 22 – 26 February 12
March 22 – 26  March 12
April 19 – 23  April 9
May 17 – 21  May 7
June 21 – 25  June 11
July 26 – 30  July 16
August 23 – 27  August 13
September 27 – October 1 September 17
October 25 – 29  October 15
November 29 – December 3 November 19

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information provided above, please feel free to contact us via email at Provider Questions.

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