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AAU Provider Update: OK AuthentiCare Data Submissions

ADvantage Administration Unit Provider Update: OK AuthentiCare Data Submissions and HIPAA Regulations

Jan. 22, 2010

For those agencies that have already submitted the requested IVR data - Thank You! We appreciate the effort made to gather this data and prepare it for submission. We are working diligently on our end to prepare your agency specific data for submission to First Data / Authenticare.

For the remaining agencies, please remember that all data must be submitted in a secure HIPAA compliant format.

Specific instructions describing how to send the data securely via Excel version 2003 were sent with the original request on January 5th and are also included in the last pages of this AAU update. In addition, if you have Excel 2007 you may reference the following website for encryption instructions. (Link opens in new window).

Please Note: Pasting viewable, non-password protected member data into an email is a direct violation of HIPAA regulations and could potentially put the member in harm’s way if the information fell into the wrong hands. Furthermore, per HIPAA regulations, hefty fines may be imposed upon an agency or individual if the violation were to be identified and exposed.

We want to be sure that your agency avoids this situation! Sometimes the first go around on encrypting documents can be a bit confusing. We will be happy to guide you through the encryption process. If you need assistance with securing any future data requests, please do not hesitate to contact Provider Questions.

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