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AAU Provider Update: OK AuthentiCare Implementation

ADvantage Administration Unit Update: OK AuthentiCare Implementation

Jan. 5, 2010

The OK AuthentiCare system will afford Providers the ability to capture, organize and access key data to more efficiently support core business functions. However, for data to be effectively and efficiently used, the data must be accurate. The ADvantage Administration Unit (AAU) will be providing data files to First Data to setup the OK AuthentiCare reference databases. One important database will be for Members. Although the AAU already has Member information in its Waiver Management Information System database, we need to confirm the accuracy of that data before transmitting the data to setup the AuthentiCare Member database.

This is to request that providers complete the attached Excel Spreadsheet providing the following information for each Member that you are currently serving:

  • Member Name – First, Middle initial and Last name (as it is for billing claims)

  • Medicaid ID#

  • Primary Language (English, Spanish, etc.)

  • Date of Birth

  • Gender (M/F)

  • Primary Phone #

  • Type of Primary Phone (Home, Mobile, Work, Neighbor)

  • Second Phone #

  • Type of Second Phone (Home, Mobile, Work, Neighbor)

  • Street Address

  • Address (Street, City/Town, Zip code)

  • Case Management Agency Name

  • Case Manager Name

Attached is an Excel Template with labeled columns for data requested and an example of data format on the first line. Use the appropriate Spreadsheet for ADvantage or State Plan Personal Care Members. In addition, on each spreadsheet page please provide the Provider Agency Name, Contact Person regarding this data and Contact Phone number.

Because this is HIPAA protected health information, transmit the data in Excel encrypted password protected format via e-mail to Becky Laipple, or mail the data on a CD to: 

ADvantage Administration Unit
Attention: Becky Laipple
P.O. Box 50550
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74150

Please return the requested information by Friday, Jan. 22nd, 2010.

Question regarding this request should be directed to Provider Questions.

Thank you for your assistance.

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