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Provider Update: June 26, 2017

Registered Dietician Overview of ADvantage Meals

In order to embrace efficiency and strengthen the connectedness between the Older Americans Act Meal Program and the ADvantage Meal Program, the Medicaid Services Unit – ADvantage Administration (MSU-AA), are working together with the State Unit on Aging to share the duties of the Registered Dietician (RD) for both meal programs. 

During the visits to the meal provider sites for periodic and routine inspections, the RD will also inspect the ADvantage Meals, either on site or at a separate site, as applicable, during this same visit.  Deficiencies or areas of concern regarding ADvantage and Older American Acts Meals will both be noted on the RD Inspection Report form for the meal providers. The Meal Provider's Plan of Correction should address both meal programs.

Excerpts from the Conditions of Provider Participation follow below, outlining eligibility requirements and addressing the oversight of the OAA Title III-C Nutrition contract.

Provider Eligibility

  • To be qualified as an ADvantage Program home-delivered meals Provider, the Provider must meet the following conditions: 
    • The Provider must hold a current Older Americans Act (OAA) Title III-C Nutrition contract; and
    • The Provider's performance under that contract must be in good standing. 

The loss of one, or both, of these conditions must be reported by the Provider to DHS ADvantage Administration (MSU-AA) and may result in removal of a meal provider from the Certified Agencies Report or the loss of certification as an ADvantage Program Provider.

Service Delivery

  • The Provider agrees to provide all services in accordance with the ADvantage Program Service Standards as set forth in the 1915(c) ADvantage Waiver.  The Provider shall also comply with all other policies, procedures, and guidelines established by DHS.  The Provider ensures the delivery in accordance with the Older Americans Act, Title III-C contract.

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