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Provider Update: June 29, 2018

Changes to Case Management Orientation Training

MSU-AA is poised to "Go-Live" in fully transitioning to the New Harmony Waiver Management Information system on 8/1/2018.  This prompts a shift in the way the MSU-AA has conducted the business of service plan processing in the past. 

Historically, Case Management Orientation Training (CMOT) has been the means by which case managers have been provided necessary training in learning the expectations of how to provide case management services to ADvantage Members.  The CMOT training has been modified to incorporate the use of our new waiver management system.  Overall, the training will remain the same in that new case managers will be provided with information to develop the foundational knowledge and skills required to become a certified ADvantage case manager.  There will be a change, however, in the Case Management Providers role in preparing eligible candidates to send for training. 

Case Management Providers requesting training for case manager candidates will now be required to initialize the orientation process by ensuring the candidates have been fully exposed to, and trained in, how to use the Harmony waiver management information system. 

CMOT will resume the first week in August 2018, but only candidates that have been affirmed to have completed the required orientation process will be approved for training.  The agency administrator requesting training must submit a letter on agency letterhead affirming the candidate has or will be trained in using the Harmony system prior to attending the first day of CMOT training. Mail the letter to MSU-AA to the attention of the MSU Training and Development Team.   Additionally, the letter must include the month and dates of the training class requested, and specify which branch or office the Case Manager candidate will be assigned. Submit a copy of the Case Manager Candidates current fully completed résumé along with the letter.  Once this documentation is received by the MSU-AA Training and Development team, will review the request and approve the request or send a letter requesting additional documentation. 

If you have any questions regarding the information provided above, please feel free to contact us via SmarterMail at:

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