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Provider Update: May 9, 2018

Fiscal Year 18-21 ADvantage Administration/MSU Cost Cap Update

The ADvantage Cost Cap is annualized on a Fiscal Year (FY) schedule; please see below regarding the cost cap for this Fiscal Year effective July 1st, 2018 and subsequent years:

FY18 = $55,781 with a Member Cap = 22,017

FY19 = $58,081 with a Member Cap = 22,803

FY20 = $60,365 with a Member Cap = 23,589

FY21 = $62,631 with a Member Cap = 24,375

If you serve a Member with an active Service Plan that is close to the current cost cap, or if you are aware of any Member who may become close to the current cost cap, please contact the AAU/MSU ATTN: "Cost Cap" at

If you have questions, please contact ProviderQuestion by email at

or call (918) 933-4900

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