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Provider Update: August 1, 2017

MSU Tulsa Office Move

In accordance with the DHS plan to consolidate offices in Oklahoma and Tulsa counties, as a cost saving measure, the Tulsa Medicaid Service Unit (MSU) office will move from its current physical office address at 823 S. Detroit, to  6128 E 38th St., 3rd Fl., Tulsa, OK 74135 (3rd Floor, SW entrance which is perpendicular to the 12 &12 facility).  Aging Services, MSU Tulsa staff will begin operations from the new location on August 22, 2017.    

What providers will need to know pertaining to the move:

  • The P.O. Box for all mail correspondence will change. The new P.O. Box will be
    Medicaid Services Unit P.O. Box 35900 Tulsa, Ok 74153
  • The effective date for when Providers should begin to send mail correspondence to the new address isAugust 15, 2017.  Please advise your staff to begin to use the new P.O. Box on August 15.  It is imperative that no mail is sent to the new address before this date and none sent to the old address after this date.  Failure to send mail to the correct address will potentially add 7 days to the processing of Member plans.

  • Service plan requests designated as priority (see bulletin dated 03/18/16) and regular service plans sent USPS (see bulletin dated 03/18/16) should be submitted per the established guidelines for review.    

  • MSU will maintain all of its current phone numbers and all other means of communication will remain the same, such as Provider Question (, the Care-line number (800-735-2684), and all electronic submissions and bulletins.    

  • Providers, who wish to submit hand deliveries to the new office, may do so beginning August 23, 2017.  Our process will change as there are added layers of security provided at the new location.  Additional detail will be presented when a new process has been established. Until that time request to submit mail to ADvantage upon arrival and staff will come to receive deliveries. 

During the recent Quarterly Provider Meeting, held on July 26, 2017, providers requested that the MSU would make ADvantage Program staff department names available.  MSU will publish program supervisor staff names by department in the upcoming ADvantage Point Newsletter, which will sent out within the month of August. 

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