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Oklahoma State Council on Aging and Adult Protective Services - Council Members

Blair Schoeb,O4A   
Carla Scull, At-Large
Carolyn McGhay, INCOG - AAA Advisory Council
Cathy Howard, LTCA-E AAA Advisory Council 
Chalon E. Anderson, At-Large, Secretary 
Charity Helms, At-Large 
Esther Houser, Alliance on Aging 
Fred Mensah, Oklahoma Health Care Authority 
Jacqueline Millspaugh, ODMHSAS 
LaTrina Frazier, Oklahoma State Department of Health  
Lola Edwards, House of Representatives
Margo Mitchell, Tri-County Council on Aging (TCCA) 
Nell (Jean) Kelsey, Governor's Appointee, Vice- Chair 
Patrick O'Kane, At-Large
Paul Needham, At-Large, Chair
Ruth Rolfe, At-Large
Ruth Tatyrek, At-large
Shaunda Noah, Oklahoma Senior Corps Directors Association
Tammy C. Vaugh, Oklahoma Association of Nutrition Providers Directors
Teresa Rendon, At-Large
Theo Crawley, OK Retired Educators Association 
Trish Emig, At-Large Walker Davis, OSHLAA 
Willa Olden, National Association of Retired Federal Employees


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