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Provider Update: IVRA Request for Proposal

July 2, 2014

Interactive Voice Recognition Authentication (IVRA) Request for Proposal (RFP)

The Medicaid Services Unit/ADvantage Administration is pleased to announce that the Request For Proposal (RFP) for the IVRA has been awarded to Sandata Technologies.  The State of Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES/ISD) Procurement announced the award with an effective date of June 30, 2014.

The contract was awarded to Sandata Technologies based solely on the submission of a proposal that satisfactorily addressed all of the States mandatory requirements for an IVRA system and the proposed solution was evaluated to determine whether or not it offered the State the “Best Value”.  Both cost and technical expertise are considered in determining the lowest and best, or best value. "Best value criteria", includes but is not limited to, the following (Re: Oklahoma Statutes Title 74. State Government: The Central Purchasing Act
74 O.S. §85.1 et seq)

a. the acquisition's operational cost a state agency would incur,
b. the quality of the acquisition, or its technical competency,
c. the reliability of the bidder's delivery and implementation schedules,
d. the acquisition's facilitation of data transfer and systems integration,
e. the acquisition's warranties and guarantees and the bidder's return policy,
f. the bidder's financial stability,
g. the acquisition's adherence to the state agency's planning documents and
    announced strategic program direction,
h. the bidder's industry and program experience and record of successful past
    performance with acquisitions of similar scope and complexity,
i. the anticipated acceptance by user groups, and
j. the acquisition's use of proven development methodology, and innovative use
  of current technologies that lead to quality results;

The AA is keenly aware of the challenges that this transition will bring for providers; however considerable attention was given in the pursuit an IVRA product that would address the user’s needs.  The RFP was developed to ensure that the system offers not only the best value to the State but the best application for the end user.

We anticipate questions and concerns related to this transition and we are working closely with the Vendor to develop an aggressive implementation strategy that will effectively allay any apprehension and provide the most seamless conversion.   The Sandata IVRA system will be completely modified where it is applicable for use for the ADvantage program.  Additionally, we are excited about a number of system enhancements that will be added pre-implementation. 

Expect frequent updates and ongoing communication throughout the implementation period.  We are actively developing a training plan and we will offer the details within the next few days.

As always, if you have questions or concerns submit them to

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