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Provider Update - October 1, 2018

Harmony Password Resets 

High: Important Harmony update

Effective Immediately:MSU-AA Helpdesk staff will begin completing Harmony password resets for provider agency staff that have become locked out of the Harmony system.

To obtain a Harmony password reset, the provider agency user who is locked out will send an email request to *If the email is sent by a supervisor or someone else at the agency, the phone number of the actual user should be included in the email as they will need to validate their own security information.

The email must include:

  1. User's full name
  2. Name of agency for which user works, including the specific branch if agency has multiple branches
  3. A phone number (including Area Code) where the user may be reached.

The user will be contacted by helpdesk staff, at the phone number provided in the email, to initiate the process of user validation and password reset. *Two attempts to contact the user will be made. If unable to reach the user via phone after the 2nd attempt the email will be returned advising that a new email request must be sent when user is available.

Password Resets will be handled as a priority and will be worked in the order in which they are received.

There are several error messages that a user may receive when a Harmony login attempt is unsuccessful.  Screen shots of the possible error messages are included on the next page of this bulletin to help the user identify the cause of the unsuccessful attempt and what steps should be taken to resolve the issue.

The following are examples of possible error messages that a user may receive when an unsuccessful Harmony login attempt has occurred:

1.    "Username or Password is incorrect."

This message appears when:

  • The system recognizes the login but the password is incorrect, or
  • The system recognizes the password but the login is incorrect.

The user is NOT locked out of Harmony in either of these scenarios, and should reattempt to login:

2.    "You cannot log into the system at this time. Contact your system administrator."

This message appears when:

  • The user has attempted to login 3 times and the password is incorrect;
  • In this instance, the user is locked out and requires a password reset. 

The user must email and request a Password Reset.

For more information about this image, contact Tim Rossi at (918) 933-4951

3.    "This application has encountered a critical error. Please contact the site administrator with full details of the task you are trying to carry out."

This message appears when:

  • The login user id is not recognized

In this situation, the user does not have active access to Harmony.  An Access Request form must be submitted by the agency through the PQ Chapter in Harmony.

 Unable to login to Mobile Assessments

*Below is information regarding actions required if the user is unable to login using the Mobile Assessments Site.

Unable to access Mobile Assessments – Using the site while Online

  1. User will email and request a Password Reset
  2. MSU AA Helpdesk will reset password and give user a temp password
  3. User will use temp password to access Mobile Assessments
  4. User will not receive a prompt to change password
  5. User will continue to work in mobile assessments
  6. The next time that the user logs into the main Harmony application using the temp password the system will prompt the user to create a new password

Unable to access Mobile Assessments – Using the site while Offline

*If unable to remember password while using Mobile assessments offline, the system will not lock the user out after 3 failed attempts as they are offline. If the user is unable to remember their password after multiple attempts and they need a new password the following steps will be required:

  1. User will email  and request a Password Reset
  2. MSU AA Helpdesk will reset the password and provide the new temp password
  3. User will have to connect to the internet so that they are Online
  4. User will login to the regular Harmony application using the new temp password
  5. System will prompt user to create a new password
  6. User may then return to Mobile Assessments and login using the new password they created and work offline as needed

Please note:  If you have any questions regarding the information provided above, please send questions through the PQ chapter in Harmony. 

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