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Provider Update: May 13, 2016

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Transition Preparedness 

BULLETIN NO. 4 Topic(s):
  1. EVV Training – Proposed 'train-the-trainer' encounters for Providers
  2. Worker upload spreadsheet – Worker data needed to set up provider data base

     There will be 3 facets to the EVV training for Providers to learn how to use the new system software, which will occur as detailed and in the sequence as ordered below:

In Person Training One-day EVV training: These in-person trainings will provide contract providers with exposure to the software that is used for billing, which will prepare them to begin the process of submitting electronic billing as required for reimbursement for services.  The in-person training dates are:  Tulsa May 24, 2016 and OKC May 25, 2016. Please register appropriate staff to attend at the location most convenient for you. Register by 5/20.
Webinar Training Two-hour web-conference training: Several instances of this training are made available to the provider community. Training will begin on May 31, 2016, and will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday, ending on June 28, 2016.  It is fast-paced and module-based. This training focuses on the key elements of the AuthentiCare product. As it is presented live, it allows for real-time Q and A.  Registration details will be sent via your EVV SmarterMail account just prior to the first training date. Ongoing registration opens 5/13.
Recorded Training Recorded Training Sessions:  The trainings will be recorded for providers to access for those who would require refresher training.  Details regarding this training will be provided in bulletin #5.  Link to follow 5/31.


Prior to implementing AuthentiCare Oklahoma, First Data will load information on your workers into the AuthentiCare database.  A worker is any employee who provides services for an Oklahoma client and will use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system or Mobile app to check in/out.  It does not include your office workers (employees) who will only use the AuthentiCare website.

If your agency has multiple office/branch locations, a separate spreadsheet should be completed for each.  If a worker is assigned to work from more than one location, the worker must be listed separately on the spreadsheet for each location.  First Data will then assign a different Worker ID to that worker for each of your office locations.  However, if a worker serves more than one client for the same office, the worker will only need one Worker ID.  In other words, the Worker IDs are linked to each specific Provider office location, not to a client.

PLEASE NOTE: The worker upload file is attached to this bulletin. It is in .xls spreadsheet format. Once completed, simply attach the file to a SmarterMail and send to  The deadline for submission of your providers' worker upload template is June 10th, 2016.   Worker data not included in this record will need to be entered into the system by the Provider when access to the system has been made available. 

If you have any questions regarding the information provided in this bulletin, please feel free to contact us via Smarter Mail at:

EVV Transition Deadlines by Provider
Topic(s) Open Deadline
Provider Survey EVV Bulletin #2 3/30/2016 4/10/2016 Passed
Provider Billing Profile Validation #3 4/20/2016 4/27/2016 Passed
Systems Administrator Contact Email #3 4/21/2016 4/27/2016 Passed
One Day Training Registration #4 5/13/2016 5/20/2016
Provider Worker Upload File Submission #4 5/13/2016 6/10/2016
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