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Provider Update: May 16, 2016

CD-PASS Avoid duplication of SoonerRide Non-Emergency Transportation services

The use of Personal Services Assistance (PSA) for medical transportation is a duplication of the SoonerRide NET service.

SoonerRide NET is the appropriate Medicaid resource for all medical transportation for ADvantage Members (OAC 317: 30-5-325 through 328). Informal supports should be considered for medical transport before requesting SoonerRide NET transportation services.

In the event the Member and/or their informal supports are unable to successfully coordinate services with SoonerRide, case management assistance is expected (SoonerRide: 877-404-4500).  SoonerRide is statewide and has the capability to accommodate many situations, including provisions when it is unable to meet a required transportation need and for accommodating Members with medically necessary escorts.  Failure or inability to schedule appointments in advance is accounted for by SoonerRide, allowing for factors such as: urgent care, post-op care, imminent appt availability, and delays caused by SoonerRide itself.

Transportation by the CD-PASS PSA should be utilized as specified in the following:

The service Personal Services Assistance may include:  
(iv)  … providing escort or transportation to participate in approved activities or events. "Approved activities or events" means community civic participation guaranteed to all citizens including but not limited to, exercise of religion, voting or participation in daily life activities in which exercise of choice and decision making is important to the member that may include shopping for food, clothing or other necessities, or for participation in other activities or events that are specifically approved on the service plan.  (Excerpt, OAC 317: 30-5-763(B)) 

Effective immediately, all service plans currently in review, and received following this bulletin, will be evaluated using this standard for authorization.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided above, please feel free to contact us via Smarter Mail at:

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