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Provider Update: September 7, 2018

​To:  All Case Management Providers
Subject:  CD-PASS Changes and Updates

Priority:  High 

MSU-AA would like to communicate the following important Harmony Implementation updates:

The CD-PASS Member service option has and will undergo significant changes this year primarily due to the implementation of Harmony (MSU-AA's new Waiver Management System), and the transition to a new Fiscal Management Services provider, ACES$.  The following is critical information that must be communicated to all case managers and then immediately applied, for those who currently serve in the capacity of CDA-CM.  Please communicate the following:

REMINDER: NEW FMS PROVIDER - ACES$ Financial, the new FMS, will effectively begin processing payroll for CD-PASS Members Septemember 16, 2018.  Case managers should follow-up with CD-PASS Members to ensure they are aware of this change and advise them that they are responsible for responding to the FMS timely in returning all required paperwork to prevent any potential processing delays as it pertains PSA/APSA payments.   


A systematic conversion is in process, converting services lines ending PPL's service on 9/15/2018 and beginning ACCES$'s service on 9/16/2018.

•CM's will not be able to add services for PPL for dates of service after 9/15/18.

•The new line for ACES$ may not be showing in Harmony, which is a technical issue that is currently begin addressed.

UPDATED INFORMATION:CD-PASS FORMS: Effective 9/10/2018 all necessary forms for CD-PASS service plan processing will be located on the DHS website at until they can be loaded into the Harmony system.

This will include the following forms:

1. Budget Worksheet (New rate has been added, effective 9/7/2018)  

2. Employee Pay Rate Form

3. Designation of Authorized Representative Form

UPDATED INFORMATION:PLAN PROCESSING INFO:A "plan change" will be made in Harmony instead of the previous method involving submission of addendums. The CM must complete a new budget for each new or initial plan as well as when plan changes are required.

For example, adding a new line of service for increasing/decreasing S5125 or S5125TF, would constitute a plan change.

Additionally, the CM must complete the signature page and scan a copy of the completed form to be imported into the Members record in Harmony.  The signature page should be attached to a Plan Note so as to be available to ADvantage service plan authorization staff when reviewing the service plan request.The service plan will be rejected if the signature page has not been completed.

NEW REQUIRED FORMS: THE ACES$ FORM:The ACES$ Pay Rate Form must also be submitted to MSU with intial CD-PASS Member plans, plan change requests and reassessments via the Plan Note (multiple documents can be added to the same Plan Note).  CD-PASS lines will not be authorized if this form is not attached to the service plan.     


The Harmony system will reflect that S5125 and S5125 TF units are now designated in weekly intervals, not yearly.The system will no longer allow units used to exceed the weekly allotment.  For example if a Member is authorized for 5 hours per week (20 units), the system will not allow billing beyond this amount to occur.

UPDATED INFORMATION:EVV POSTPONED:The intergration of CD-PASS Members into the EVV system is postponed until further notice. 

If you have any questions regarding the information provided above, please feel free to contact us via SmarterMail at:

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