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List of Common Acronyms

The following is a list of acronyms and abbreviations that are commonly used with the ADvantage Program.

AA or AAU ADvantage Administration Unit
AAA Area Agencies on Aging
ACIS AIDS Coordination and Information Service
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
ADH Adult Day Health
ADL Activities of Daily Living
ADRC Aging and Disability Resource Center
ADSA Aging and Disability Services Administration
ADv ADvantage Program (A=Aging, D=Disabled)
AFS Adult and Family Services Division (of OHS)
AL Assisted Living
ALCM Case Manager certified to provide services to member residing in ADvantage Assisted Living
AOA or AO Administration on Aging (federal agency)
APS Adult Protective Services (of OHS)
APSA Advanced Personal Services Assistance (used in CDPASS)
AR Authorized Representative (used in CDPASS)
ASD *Aging Services Division (of OHS, now called CAP)
ASR Advanced Supportive/Restorative
AT Assistive Technology
BCMS Backup Case Management Supervisor
BUP Backup plan
CAP Community Living, Aging and Protective Services Division (of OHS)
CAPS Community Adult Protective Services
C&C Contracts and Coalitions Unit (of OHS)
CAFEE Coalition Against Financial Exploitation of the Elderly
CCM Community-Based Case Management
CDPASS  Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services and Supports (service option within the ADvantage Program)
CDPASS CM CDPASS Certified Case Manager
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CM Case Manager/Management
CMOT Case Management Orientation Training
CMS Case Management Supervisor
Also: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (federal agency)
COPP Conditions of Provider Participation
CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
CPS Child Protective Services
CQI Continuous Quality Improvement
CR Clinical Review
CW Child Welfare (division of OHS)
DDS Developmental Disabilities Services (division of OHS)
DHS *Department of Human Services (now referred to as OHS)
Also: Department of Homeland Security (federal agency)
DME Durable Medical Equipment
DPOA Durable Power of Attorney
DRG Diagnostic Related Group
DSP/DSW Direct Service Professional/Direct Service Worker
Dx Diagnosis
EARS Emergency Alert Response System
EBT Electronic Benefit Transfer
ECAP  Energy Crisis Assistance Program
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EOCC Ethics of Care Committee
EM Environmental Modification
EVV Electronic Visit Verification
FFS Fee for Service
FMS Fiscal Management Service (used for CDPASS)
FSSD *Family Support Services Division (former title for division of OHS now called AFS)
FY Fiscal Year
HC Home Care
HCBS Home and Community Based Services
HDM Home Delivered Meals
HH Home Health (Medicare)
HHA Home Health Aide (Medicare)
HHS (U.S. Department of) Health and Human Services (federal agency)
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HMO Health Maintenance Organization
IADL Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
IBA Individual Budget Allocation (used with CDPASS)
ICF Intermediate Care Facility
ICF/ID Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disability
IDT Interdisciplinary Team
ILI Independent Living Institute (national organization)
ILM Independent Living Movement
IVR Interactive Voice Response
LG Legal Guardian
LIHEAP Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
LOC Level of Care
LOCEU Level of Care Evaluation Unit (of Oklahoma Health Care Authority/OHCA)
LPN Licensed Practical Nurse
LTC Long Term Care
LTCI Long Term Care Investigations
LVN Licensed Vocational Nurse
M&M Morbidity and Mortality
MLOC Medical Level of Care
MMIS Medicaid Management Information System
MSQ Mental Status Questionnaire
MIPT Medicaid Income Pension Trust
NAC National Advisory Committee
NCMRO New Case Manager Record of Orientation
NF Nursing Facility
NFLOC Nursing Facility Level of Care
NPA Nursing Practice Act (Title 59, Chapter 12, Section 567.1, et. seq.)
OAA Older Americans Act
OAC Oklahoma Administrative Code
OBN Oklahoma Board of Nursing
OCA Office of Client Advocacy
ODMHSAS Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
OHCA Oklahoma Health Care Authority
OHS Oklahoma Human Services
OIG Office of Inspector General
​OKDHS Oklahoma Department of Human Services
OPX Optional Expense Account (used with CDPASS, related to IBA)
OSDH Oklahoma State Department of Health
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OTC Over the Counter
PA Prior Authorization
PACE Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly
PASRR Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review
PC Personal Care
PCA Personal Care Assistant/Aide
PERS Personal Emergency Response System
PHI Protected Health Information
POA Power of Attorney
POC Plan of Care
PQ Provider Question
PSA Personal Services Assistant/Assistance (used with CDPASS)
QAI Quality Assurance/Improvement
RCA Root Cause Analysis
RCR Retrospective Claims Review
RN Registered Nurse
RSDI Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance (income through SSA)
SEP Single Entry Point
SFY State Fiscal Year (July 1 to June 30)
SN Skilled Nursing
SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (federal ​program, formerly known as Food Stamps)
SNF Skilled Nursing Facility
SP Service Plan
SPA Service Plan Authorization
SPPC State Plan Personal Care
SSA Social Security Administration (federal agency)
SSI Supplemental Security Income
SSP State Supplemental Payment
STRA Service Team Release & Authorization
T/C Telephone Call
TA Technical Assistance
TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (formerly referred to as AFDC)
TPO Treatment, Payment, or Operations
UCAT Uniform Comprehensive Assessment Tool
VRC Violations Review Committee
WMIS Waiver Management Information System (ADvantage Program database currently known as Harmony)

*Retired terms that are occasionally still referenced

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